weigh1 [wā]
[ME weien, to weigh, bear < OE wegan, to carry, bear, akin to Ger weigan, wägen < IE base * weĝh-, to go, draw > OE wæg, a wave, L vehere, to carry, bring]
1. to determine the weight of by means of a scale or balance
2. to have (a specified) weight [it weighs ten pounds ]: orig. construed as a vi. and still so construed when used with an adverb
3. WEIGHT (vt. 1)
4. to lift or balance (an object) in the hand or hands, in order to estimate its heaviness or weight
5. to measure out, dole out, or apportion, by or as by weight: often with out
a) to consider and choose carefully [to weigh one's words]
b) to balance or ponder in the mind; consider in order to make a choice [to weigh one plan against another]
7. seeNaut. WEIGH ANCHOR under ANCHOR
1. to have significance, importance, or influence [his word weighed heavily with the jury]
2. to be a burden; press or bear down: with on or upon [the theft weighed on my mind]
3. Naut. WEIGH ANCHOR (see phrase under ANCHOR)
weigh down
1. to make bend downward as with added weight
2. to burden or bear down on so as to oppress or depress
weigh in
1. to weigh (a boxer, jockey, etc.) before or after a contest in order to verify declared weight
2. to be so weighed
3. to have one's baggage weighed
4. Informal to enter and participate forcefully, as in a discussion or debate
weigh in with
Informal to introduce or contribute (an idea or opinion) to a discussion, argument, etc.
weigh2 [wā]
[modified by the notion of “weighing anchor”]
var. of WAY (n. 20): chiefly in under weigh, meaning UNDER WAY (sense 1): (see phrase at WAY)

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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